History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

The business that would become the Jim Rush Funeral Homes has been  serving families in Cleveland for over 45 years. For the majority of those years, since 1963, Jim Rush has been there. Back then, Jim worked for Ralph Buckner, Sr. as part of the Buckner Funeral Home. Mr. Buckner sold the business to a Houston, Texas conglomerate in 1973, and Jim stayed on until 1977 when he and Ralph Buckner, Jr. bought the funeral homes back. The name of the business then became the Buckner Rush Funeral Homes. In 1978, Jim Rush took sole ownership of the North Ocoee and Wildwood Avenue Chapels. In 1993, the business, but not the chapels, was sold to Prime, a large Funeral Home conglomerate. Jim maintained ownership and administration of the chapels and was able to bring his son, Greg, on as General Manager, keeping it a family-run business. In 2013 the Rush Family partnered with Heritage Family Services and that’s where we are at today.  Jim Rush Funeral and Cremation Services is proud to be operated by Greg Rush and the Rush Family.

Our Licensed Staff

  • Jim  Rush

    Jim Rush Founder 1938-2013

    Born in Rome, Georgia, Jim Rush was a strong, community-minded individual. He was involved in various aspects of law enforcement in our local area, even serving as head of the detective division of the Bradley County Sheriffs Office.

    After Graduation from the Cincinnati College of Embalming in 1958 with a degree in Mortuary Science, he took the National Board Exam and the Tennessee State Laws Exam becoming a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer in the State of Tennessee. Jim went to work for Ralph Buckner, Sr. in 1963 and remained until gaining sole ownership in 1978. Jim was very active in the Tennessee Funeral Directors Association, serving as President from 1994 to 1995.

    Jim and Judy Rush were married over 50 years and have four children: J. Gregory, Christopher Marc, Kim and Kathi.

    Jim and his family are members of the Westmore Church of God.

  • J. Greg  Rush

    J. Greg Rush Manager, Licensed Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer

  • C. Marc Rush

    C. Marc Rush Licensed Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer

  • Darrin Douglas

    Darrin Douglas Licensed Funeral Director

  • Jenna Eve Picou

    Jenna Eve Picou Licensed Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer

  • Kathy Partin

    Kathy Partin Licensed Advance Planning Specialist

Our Unlicensed Staff

  • Judy Satterfield

    Judy Satterfield Funeral Assistant (Non-licensed)

  • Dr. Susan  Harper

    Dr. Susan Harper Funeral Assistant (Non-licensed)

  • Mason  Holliday

    Mason Holliday Funeral Assistant (Non-licensed)

  • Brent D Swanson

    Brent D Swanson Funeral Assistant (Non-licensed)

  • Perry Horner

    Perry Horner Funeral Assistant (Non-licensed)

  • Harold (Joe) Parker

    Harold (Joe) Parker Funeral Assistant (Non-licensed)

  • Dr. Joseph A Bathe

    Dr. Joseph A Bathe Funeral Assistant (Non-licesned)

  • Robert L Bankston Jr

    Robert L Bankston Jr Funeral Assistant (Non-licensed)

  • Jim Hibbard

    Jim Hibbard Funeral Assistant (Non-licensed)

  • Tammy  Reese

    Tammy Reese Funeral Assistant (Non-licensed)

Office Support

  • Darla  Rush

    Darla Rush Administrative Assistant (Non-Licensed)